Art Center

Established since 2008, Tehran Art Center Galleries are an independently run, commercial art compound located in Tehran, Iran. Operating from a variety of historical and modern spaces in Tehran, we primarily seek to offer original works and limited editions of the exquisite, unique Iranian art and help develop the next generation of artists from a breadth of talent. Classic, contemporary, urban, street and pop art; we don’t distinguish or discriminate; we embrace and aspire to display engaging exhibitions from a hybrid of artistic arrays through exciting and different shows and tours, events and exclusive publications. Our journey started about 20 years ago in 1996, when Pasargadae Gallery was founded in Tehran by art curator, designer and gallery owner Vahid Malek, to preserve and promote ancient Persian artworks in a contemporary setting. Following the successful establishment of this original artistic climate, Malek Gallery was opened in 2006. The concept evolved through the numerous creative endeavors to lead to the opening of the Art Center Galleries in 2008; an epicenter of many novel and innovative artistic accomplishments based on previous experience. At Art Center, we have provided an inviting modern decorative environment as well as access to visual arts for the citizens—particularly because the venue is located near major streets and highways and next to a busy underground station. Our journey has continued pleasantly by opening two garden galleries in northern Tehran: one at the Iranian Calligraphers Association’s Garden, in Chalipa Mansion, and the other in Niavaran Cultural Complex and next to the ancient Sahebqeranieh Palace, where Iran earned its Constitutional Law more than a century ago. Both garden galleries have beautifully tied up the ancient notion of Iranian gardens and arts, in terms of their amazing architecture and artifacts as well. Moreover, they have made it possible to showcase the most exquisite visual arts works reflecting the mysterious magnificent Iranian art and culture. The foundation of these art spaces is not only confined within providing a platform for art exhibitions and exchanges. Tehran Art Center Galleries are honored to have been selected by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) as the first Iranian Garden Galleries, with their founder, Vahid Malek acting as one of the main pillars of the National ICOM in Iran. In shorts, during the past two decades, the management of Tehran Art Galleries has focused on introducing and presenting the works of the great Iranian visual arts from the past, as well as the emerging artists and talents. In addition, in his role as the founder of the galleries, Vahid Malek has actively pursued and maintained the concept of social responsibility of arts in Iran. This has opened a new chapter in the Iranian artistic history and spheres and has caused more than 700 Iranian artists join major global social causes such as fighting hunger through World Food Program’s initiatives. Holding numerous research and scientific events in order to encourage arts studies and practice among the youth, conducting international art tours in 2001-2003 with more than 30 exhibitions in collaboration with World Contemporary Art in the US, etc. Founder Vahid Malek has also been in charge of the International Affairs of the Global Arts Foundation of the US and has led a number of activities on Iranian arts with the universities in the US. In its latest effort and under the auspices and supervision of Tehran Arts Center Galleries, an Iranian Arts and Culture Research Center has been established in order to carry out scientific research on Iranian visual arts. The outcomes of these researches are published as books and essays. Tehran Art Center Galleries is honored to have come this far from its initial steps. However, we are proud to be enthusiastically planning our future steps in further introducing the Iranian arts to the world in a deserving manner, and in doing so calls for even greater engagement of the Iranian and international artists, scholars and enthusiasts. For us, the journey is in fact the destination.